Outdoor activities for families with kids

Kid's Garden (basic)

Most children are fastinated by gardening activities—digging, planting, watering, and so on. Even if you hâve a very small plot of dirt, you can grow a surprising amount of food. (Planted wisely, a ten-by-ten-foot plot will provide you with vegetables all summer long.)

pot with flowers and accessoriesThis particular activity is geared for young children. The plants are easy to grow, some sprout fairly quickly, and the mature plants are interesting. Try these:
Radishes. Sprout in three to ten days, and reach fruition in three weeks.
Beans. Dramatic when they break the ground.
Zucchini. Prolific when they reach ma-turity (get the bush variety to conserve garden space).
Garrots. A classic They prefer sandy soil.
Cherry tomatoes. They're easier to manage than full-sized tomatoes.
Lettuce. It's fun to see leafy rows sprout up.
Follow the directions on the seed packets — every variety is different. Make a 'map of your garden so your child will know where to water (use twigs as markers).