Here are some tips on caring for lilacs for abundant bloom. We know that the French lilacs are often grafted on the common lilac. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously monitor the suckers that grow at the base of these shrubs.

lilac fragrance

If you do not remove them, they grow to the point of stifling the grafted lilac and replaced by another variety that produces flowers much smaller. However, the current trend in nurseries is to multiply all the lilacs from cuttings, which eliminates this problem. It is therefore advisable that you check with your nurseryman to see if its lilac plants from transplants.

Always remove the old patches of dead flowers as this encourages the formation of flower buds for next year. Do not cut flowers below the two stems that grow just below the mat, as this is a fleeting appearance of flowering the following year. When lilacs exceeds ten years, we must, each year, completely remove some old wood to ground level to rejuvenate the plant gradually.